News and Events

UN-SPIDER aims to bridge the gap between the various communities involved in using space-based information for disaster risk management and emergency response. These communities include satellite technology providers, experts in remote sensing, satellite navigation and satellite communication experts, disaster risk specialists, policy makers, disaster responders and academia. In doing so, UN-SPIDER regularly compiles and makes available news and events from these different communities.

Upcoming Events

03/10/2022 to 06/10/2022
Prague, Czech Republic
04/10/2022 to 06/10/2022
Mountain View, CA, United States of America
04/10/2022 to 10/10/2022
17/10/2022 to 19/10/2022
Darmstadt, Germany
24/10/2022 to 28/10/2022
Accra, Ghana
27/10/2022 to 28/10/2022
Vienna, Austria
31/10/2022 to 04/11/2022
Accra, Ghana